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How do I manage to produce my own CDs?
January 16th, 2016 7:58 pm     A+ | a-

I've been asked a number of times about my recordings and how I go about producing them. I simply record my practice sessions at home in a basic room with a very simple setup. I use a Rode NT45 mic and a Tascam DP 008 recorder and upload the recording to my Mac and if there is one decent performance then I keep that and add some reverb. Thats it! No fancy studio production or sound engineer or mastering, just me and that's all!

I do all the CD layout design including the photos and texts and just send them off to the duplication shop to have them replicated. I fund everything myself without a single donation from anywhere and have never looked for any financial support.

It's not that I'm making so much that I can simply afford this however, I just never looked for support as I prefer to be completely independent I guess. Anyone thinking of going this route needs to consider that CDs don't sell and certainly any that do sell never come near covering costs. I end up handing out most of mine to radio stations and use them for promotional purposes. Also, I feel that it's a great way to archive my playing as I don't give concerts anymore.

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